Barbara Robertson for Cass County Presiding Commissioner

Cass County Residents Deserve:

Transparency, engagement, and professional responsiveness with citizens.

Someone who respects and supports librarians and the library system…the greatest equalizer and opportunity maker we have.

Someone who respects and supports the county Health Department and makes public health decisions based on science and unstifled recommendations.

Someone who builds on the best of Cass County, seeks opportunities for improvement, especially in reputation, transportation, economic growth, job opportunities, and the health and welfare of all citizens.

Cass County Residents Deserve Barbara Robertson a Leader for the Future!

A leader that seeks input and collaboration from stakeholders.

Experienced manager in several industries, particularly small businesses including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare, and our family farm.

Experienced leader in the non-profit sector as an executive director, board member, and fundraiser working with foundations and businesses to better the lives of women and the elderly.

South Kansas City native; 12-year resident of Cass County

Master’s in Social Gerontology from UCM, B.S. Journalism, University of Kansas

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