DJ Rash for State Rep. 56th District


DJ Rash, 26, has been a resident of Belton, MO for the last two decades and a Kansas City metro native his entire life.  After graduating from Belton High School in 2008, DJ chose to stay close to home and picked up valuable experience at a variety of jobs that has given him a perspective on hard work that he hopes to take to the statehouse.  After nearly four years as a technician for Universal Carper Care, he was promoted to Field Supervisor.  He maintains this full-time work as he attempts to affect change on a political level. 

Having experienced the impact of budget constraints both publicly and privately, DJ has worked hard to maintain his self-sufficiency, but has come to the realization that he can play a role in improving Cass County’s infrastructure and health care accessibility.  Having gone through local schools,  DJ also knows the importance of local education and the vitality that it can spread through a community, an issue he wants to emphasize in his campaign running for Missouri House District 56 in 2016.

DJ will be working to:

  • Bring common sense back to state government.
  • Restore the middle class.
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Re-invest in infrastructure and renewable energy.
  • Expand Medicaid.
  • Fully fund education.


For additional inquiries please contact :

DJ Rash


DJ Rash for State Representative
“Your voice matters and I kindly ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 8th

                         -DJ Rash

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