Janet Burlingame Cass County Clerk

Janet Burlingame for Cass County Clerk

The right to vote and share your voice is the most precious of liberties in our democratic-republic. Our Constitutional right to elect our leaders should be protected and promoted with experience and integrity.
Only one candidate for Cass County Clerk has 34 years of experience in protecting and securing our right to vote. Janet Burlingame is the ONLY candidate with the over 3 decades of experience in serving Cass County citizens and ensuring that our elections are accurate and secure.
Janet supports...
  • Supports Voter ID requirements to vote! We are required to show ID to board a plane or own a gun, we should require the same standard to ensure our elections are fair, secure, and accurate!
  • Supports online meeting records for the county! We need transparency in government and Janet will support creating more online access to county meeting agendas and information.
  • Supports campaign donation limits and ethics reform! Janet supports limiting lobbyists gifts to county officials and transparency in campaign reform!
  • Supports the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution! Janet and her husband, Chad, both support our 2nd Amendment rights!
Janet and Chad live in Cass County, invest in Cass County, and stand with Cass County. They believe in the families of Cass County and Janet is committed to serving people, not politics.
On November 6, vote for experience that will ensure transparency and integrity in Cass County government. Vote Janet Burlingame for Cass County Clerk!

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