Run for Something - Delegate

On March 10th we will head to the polls here in Cass County to elect our next Democratic candidate for President. On April 6th, based on the vote in the 4th Congressional District, we will elect delegates to the 4th District and Missouri State Conventions from Cass County.

Every candidate that receives at least 15% of the vote in the 4th District, will have delegates elected at the Cass County Mass Meeting. Those delegates will go on to represent that candidate on April 30th at the 4th Dist. Convention in Warsaw and on June 20th at the Missouri State Convention.

Here are a few dates to put on your calendar if you want to be a delegate representing the candidate for President that you support!

Feb. 12 - Last Day to Register to Vote
March 10 - Missouri Presidential Primary
April 6th - Cass County Mass Meeting - Harrisonville
April 30th - 4th Dist. Convention - Warsaw
June 20th - Missouri State Convention - TBD

It is really important that if you are selected to be a delegate in Cass County that you attend the 4th Dist. Convention on April 30th and the Missouri State Convention on June 20th. At the 4th District Convention, you will vote for or run to be one of the 5 representatives from the 4th District who will go on to the National Democratic Convention, July 13-16th in Milwaukee, WI. At the Missouri State Convention, you will vote for or run to be one the at-large delegates to the National Democratic Convention. In addition, at the state convention, you will vote for the super-delegates to represent Missouri on the DNC, and electors for the Democratic Party in Missouri. There may also be other votes taken on resolutions and other party business.

If you have any questions, ask! We want to take a full delegation from Cass County to both the 4th District and Missouri State Conventions.

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