2020 Revised Democratic Party Delegate Selection Process

In Missouri, we select 1,226 state delegates who represent the voters in our precincts, wards, and counties. Here in Cass County, we elect 19 delegates.

These delegates have been split proportionately between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden based on the vote in Missouri's 4th Congressional District. We will be electing 13 delegates for Joe Biden and 6 Delegates for Bernie Sanders. 

Please consider becoming a state delegate for Cass County. As a state delegate, you will vote on the 4th District delegates to the national convention, vote for the automatic delegates to the DNC, vote for the Missouri electors and also any other business as it arises at the Missouri State Convention. 
After reviewing CDC projections and following CDC guidelines, the Missouri Democratic Party has decided to make the 2020 Missouri Democratic Party State Convention a virtual event. We will pass along the information about the state convention as it becomes available. In addition, if you plan on running to be a District-Level delegate, PLEO delegate or At-Large Delegate to the Democratic Convention in August, you will 1st need to run to be a state delegate.

This link should be used to run to become a State Delegate, District Delegate, At-Large Delegate or PLEO Delegate. You can also request an application be mailed to you that you can return via US Mail. The deadline for this application to be turned is APRIL 30TH. If you are unable to submit this form on your own, please contact the Missouri Democratic Party at 573-777-1364 or [email protected] for assistance. https://secure.ngpvan.com/XqHeI6yIuUmc4hDvXV-02A2

If you voted in the March 10th primary, even if you don't want to be a State, District, PLEO or At-Large Delegate, you should request a ballot to choose the delegates to represent Cass County! AND, of course, if you are running to be a delegate you will want a ballot to vote for yourself and the other delegates! You have until May 2nd at 5:00pm to request your ballot at: https://secure.ngpvan.com/5xpqRjv_A0ur8SHe-kTepg2

On May 7th the Sanders and Biden campaigns will be provided a list of district-level and at-large delegate candidates from the Missouri Democratic Party.

On May 9th the ballots will be e-mailed/mailed out to those who requested ballots to vote for your county State Level Delegates. Those must be returned NLT May 18th. If you requested a mail ballot you should probably return NLT 3:00pm on May 15th in order to be in by May 18th.

On May 19th State Level Delegate results will be tabulated.

On May 20th State Delegates will receive their ballots to vote for the District Level Delegates. The 4th Dist. will be electing 5 delegates to the national convention, 2 females and 3 males. These ballots must be returned by May 30th.

PLEO delegates (Party Leader Elected Official) will be voted on by the state committee on June 6th.

June 13th is the Missouri State Democratic Convention.

August 17-20 is the Democratic National Convention currently scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If you have any questions, ASK! You can comment on this event or contact the Missouri Democratic Party directly at 573-777-1364 or [email protected]

You can also find more information at missouridemocrats.org/2020


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