August 7th Primary Election Guide

Things to remember:

-If you are in line at 7:00 pm you get to vote
-Stay back at least 25' from the entrance to the building if you are electioneering for a cause or candidate
-DO NOT wear clothing from a candidate or cause campaign, this is considered electioneering and you will not be allowed to vote.
-Call the Election Protection Hotline: (866) OUR-VOTE -- (866) 687-8683 if you are registered and have any problems casting your ballot.

Missouri's Primary election is Tuesday, August 7thPolls are open from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm.  

Where do I vote on Tuesday, what's on the ballot? - Voter Outreach Center

What about the new voter ID laws?  

We support Missouri families and we'll be voting NO on Prop A. 

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