Democrats have NEVER wanted to take your guns!

Democrats don't want to take your guns because quite frankly, we have our own! What we believe is that there is an overwhelming need for universal background checks, licensing procedures and a ban of high capacity magazines!  Here's some sensible gun talk from Dennis, a retired union carpenter from Belton who is a strong believer in our 2nd Amendment rights!

"I have been thinking of something with the never-ending mass shootings and the call for banning assault rifles. I am a Democrat and a gun owner. I want all my Democrat friends to not lose focus on what could really help limit mass shootings.

The weapon is unimportant, my Remington 30-06 deer rifle is a semi-automatic that operates EXACTLY the same way the AR-15 does. They are both gas-operated semi-autos. My 30-06 can shoot a much larger bullet than the AR can chamber. .30cal. vs. .22 cal. Much more devastating bullet. The AR is the weapon of choice for many coyote hunters because it is light, flat shooting and does very little damage to the fur so it can be sold. The biggest problem is large-capacity magazines. If the AR is banned the aftermarket industry will just pick another weapon to make them for, such as my deer rifle. What needs to be banned are the large magazines, bump stocks, cranks, anything that makes a gun fully automatic. Banned from manufacture, import, sale, and finally POSSESS. This must carry a felony charge. Convicted felons have to give up all weapons even down to long butcher knives and archery gear. So even if they are not turned in or bought back people won't take them out of hiding to play with for fear of losing everything. I also believe a buyback could get many AR-15's and their aftermarket add ons off the streets.

Just please don't focus as much on the gun as the attachments that make them so dangerous. Be educated on this subject if you choose to debate with a gun nut because when you say something that isn't accurate you lose all credibility. The guard at the Pulse night club said he could have shot the guy if he had had to stop and put a new 10 round magazine in. The guy had a 100 round drum magazine and the guard could never get a shot off."  

The Republican legislature has decimated reasonable gun laws in Missouri. Once again this last weekend we saw pictures of young men carrying guns with high-capacity magazines into stores and striking fear into folks who have just gone out to shop.  We're going to repeat this one more time - Democrats don't want to take your guns, but we must vote out the Republican lawmakers who answer to the NRA and not the citizens of Missouri!  We must have laws that require universal background checks, reasonable licensing procedures and a ban of high capacity magazines.

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