October 2018 Meeting

Do you remember how you felt on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016?  Pretty helpless and hopeless and angry, right?  We are 2 weeks from being able to begin to reverse the course.

But, we haven't "got this", there is no blue wave magically heading our way just because we want it to happen. In the last mid-term election only 36% of Cass County voted and we lost, again.  We lost experience and competence.

If our voters get out and vote we will win.  Remember we helped defeat Prop A Right to Work by 66% in Cass County, we've watched as Trump's ratings have plummeted, yes, even in Missouri.  We just have to get out and get our voters to the polls November 6th and then we do have this and there will be a Blue Wave!  

Join us Thursday night, October 25th at Brewbaker's in Belton.  6:00 Dinner, 7:00 meeting.

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