Really? A Photo Op?

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says 'An7 GUম tre teeJ 104 dN69H VIாuo DEPT. NEEES OFFICE Bob Huston for Cass County Presiding Commissioner 1h Commissioners Huston, Kisner, & Johnson and Wilber with the Sheriff's Auxiliary are helping with the drive-thru vaccination clinic today at Cass County Road & Bridge.'



The same group that ignored the citizens of Cass County, and their own health department, when we begged for a mask mandate. The same group that invited the Chiefs to have a super spreader parade here, and were mocked by the Chiefs and many others for their science-denying stunt.

By adopting the Trump Covid Plan, 82 of our neighbors, to date, have died from Covid in Cass County. 

Bob Huston is up for re-election in 2022, who is going to run against him? 


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  • Loree Voigt
    published this page in Latest News 2021-03-14 13:11:54 -0500