Missouri Republicans are at it again - acting like they know better than the same voters who put them into office.

66% of voters in Cass County voted AGAINST “right to work” Prop A

Sen. Eric Burlison, (R) Springfield, who filed a bill in December, said right-to-work is an inalienable right that shouldn't be on the ballot.

“I will always support worker freedom,” he said in an interview. “It should be upheld regardless of the people’s vote. These kinds of issues should be elevated above the kinds of things that can be lost in a democratic vote.” 2-13-19 Springfield News Leader

What?!? Exactly is “lost” when the people vote? The Republicans who support this think that profits for BIG business are more important than your VOTE. Our 4th District Rep. Hartzler has gone so far as to sign on to a national right to work bill. The facts show that workers in “right to work” states make less money, it’s not up for debate. Politicians who support this legislation believe corporate profits are more important than your VOTE!

Sen. Emery (R) 31SD, Rep. Bondon (R) 56HD, Rep. Haffner (R) 55HD, Rep. Pfautsch (R) 33HD and Rep. Reedy (R) 57HD, respect our VOTE! 


67% of voters in Cass County voted FOR Clean Missouri – Amendment #1

Senate Bill 132 is sponsored by Senator Ed Emery of Lamar. It would change the Sunshine Law, Missouri's open records law, to say that any record from either the Missouri House or Senate would be closed to the public if it “contains information regarding proposed legislation or the legislative process.” He said lawmakers need some confidentiality because they often go through multiple internal versions of a bill before it's formally filed in the House or Senate.  Making that internal process public, Emery said, "hinders the process” because some lawmakers don't feel free to have a rigorous debate if they know every word is subject to public review.  This ultimately leads to less vetting of the legislation, Emery said. 2-20-19 KSMU

WHAT?!? Why wouldn’t you feel “comfortable” with the public review? What are you trying to hide, you work for us, remember Sen. Emery? But, Ed’s not alone, Your Republican House members Rep. Bondon, Rep. Haffner, Rep. Pfautsch and Rep. Reedy, already voted against YOU on a similar bill in the house (HB455)!

69% of voters in Cass County voted FOR Medical Marijuana – Amendment #2

Use medical marijuana? You could lose your job. If Republican State Senator David Sater’s SB 227 Passes

Sater owned a pharmacy for 30 years and said that his background was the reason he is proposing the bill. “I don’t want someone who shows positive for marijuana involved in my business,” Sater said. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that I had someone who was using, even for medicinal use.” 2-15-19 Columbia Missourian

This bill just passed out of committee in the Missouri Senate. It’s obvious where Sater’s loyalties lie (as a previous pharmacy owner), but we hope our representatives will listen to the 69% of voters who voted for medical marijuana, not more archaic regulations. There is no debate here. Quit hiding behind the lies of the for-profit pharmaceutical industry and implement what the voters passed! 

61% of voters in Cass County voted FOR Raise the Wage – Prop B

Missouri voters overwhelmingly supported minimum wage increases. Now a legislator wants to change things. 2-13-19 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Stop perpetuating the myth that most minimum-wage earners are teen-agers. Raising the minimum wage impacted - over 170,000 parents, 100,000 seniors and near retirees... impacting nearly 260,000 children. We’re watching SB10 in the Senate and HB858 in the House. Sen. Emery. Rep. Bondon, Rep. Haffner, Rep. Pfautsch and Rep. Reedy, respect our VOTE

BUT Missouri Republicans aren’t stopping here!

Now they are even trying to change the process to make it harder to get people powered initiatives on the ballot!  2-22-19 Jeff City Tribune The proposals are SB5, HB290, SJR11, SJR7, SJR1 HJR25, HJR10, HJR11.

Sen. Emery, Rep. Bondon, Rep. Haffner, Rep. Pfautsch and Rep. Reedy, respect our constitutional rights to a ballot initiative process.  


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