Back to Blue - Good Trouble - SUCCESS

To our amazing volunteers who put this all together, thank you! To all who bought tickets and donated to our auction, we appreciate you.
Jessica Podhola, Manny for Kansas City, Piper For Missouri and Mayor Quinton Lucas you guys brought the energy, we will PUSH BACK and we will TAKE BACK our county and state for the people.
To our Senate candidates, we'd be proud to have any of you representing us Spencer Toder for Senate, Dr. Gena Ross for US Senate 2022, Jewel Kelly For U.S. Senate and Lucas Kunce thank you for joining us!
Dr. Alan K. Green for Missouri Auditor will carry on the duties of that office with the same integrity and competence we truly enjoy. Emanuel Cleaver II, you always inspire us "Rev", thanks for sending your greetings. Trudy Busch Valentine thank you for the video, we hope to have you visit very soon.
To those who traveled to join us and support us, so much thanks. State Representative Ashley Aune, Emily Weber for Missouri, Keri Ingle for Missouri and Patty Lewis we are going to make certain, with your help, that you will have some more Democratic fighters with you in Jeff City. Corn Fed Threads, there are some decked out Democrats in Cass thanks to your amazing progressive t-shirts. It was great to have Adam from The Heartland POD with us, we'll keep tuning in! And, last but not least Lindsey Simmons, your continued support for us means more than you could possibly know. Thanks for always having our back.


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  • Loree Voigt
    published this page in Latest News 2022-04-25 19:02:08 -0500