Run for Something - Cass County Assessor

Cass County Assessor

Incumbent – Roger Raffety


Term – 4 years


Salary – $64,207.92


Filing begins on Feb. 25th and the filing deadline is March 31, 2020. The general election will be held on November 3, 2020. A primary is scheduled for August 4, 2020. 



  • 21 years of age
  • Resident of the county for one year prior to the date of the general election
  • Registered voter
  • Is not delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, ---personal property taxes, real property taxes on the place of residence as stated in the declaration of candidacy
  • Has not been found guilty of or pled guilty to a felony or misdemeanor under the federal laws of the United States of America.
  • Has not been convicted of or found guilty of or pled guilty to a felony under the laws of Missouri or another state.


  • Access the value of all real and tangible personal property in Cass County, fairly and in
    accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri. 

Other County Provided Benefits

  • Lagers Retirement Pension- vesting at 5 years
  • CERF Retirement Pension- officeholder or employee must pay 4% of earnings into this, vesting at 8 years
  • County pays $425 per month toward employee/officeholder health insurance premium. Premiums differ depending on the health plan one choses.
  • County pays $100 per month toward a Health Savings Account for those employees/officeholders that choose our High Deductible Health Plan. 
  • County pays for life insurance policy that covers $50,000 for the employee/officeholder, $5,000 for spouse, and $2,500 dependent children.
  • County pays for employee/officeholder $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy.
  • County pays for "Teledoc" mobile phone app for all employees/officeholders.
  • County pays up to $150 of unreimbursed dental/vision expenses for all employees/officeholders.
The following options are available at the employee's/officeholder's own expense:
  • CERF Retirement Savings plan through Empower Retirement
  • Vision and Dental Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurances through Aflac
  • Legal Insurance
  • Harrisonville Community Center Membership

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