Missouri House Update 2.10.23

Jeff City - Week in Review - Missouri House

The House passed HB 115 which allows direct access to physical therapists without a referral from a physician. All Cass County representatives (Haffner, Davis and Gallick) voted in favor of this bi-partisan bill.  

HCS HB 14 a supplemental appropriations bills was also passed with bi-partisan support, 148-2. Governor Parson had requested an 8.7% increase in salary for state employees, which still leaves them with some of the lowest pay in the US. One of the 2 NO votes was from Cass County representative Michael Davis. Apparently Michael Davis doesn't think our state workers are worth a raise! 

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On Wednesday, the House took up debate on HB 301, also known as the “Crime Prevention'' bill, which in actuality offers no substantive solutions to address any crime and gun violence affecting our state which has the 4th highest rate of gun deaths in the country. There have been numerous correlations between the unsafe gun laws and Missouri’s increased rates of violent crime. 

During the interim there was a bipartisan study group made up of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans, who worked tirelessly on how to address public safety in our state.  Unfortunately, all these recommendations were stripped from its original version in committee.  

HB 301 targets major cities, particularly St. Louis, and removes local control, and a provision to disallow minors from carrying guns was also omitted from the bill (yes, you read that correctly, Missouri Republicans think it's just fine for children to carry guns in public without adult supervision!)  On Thursday during the final debate (third read), Republicans used procedure to silence the voices of St. Louis representatives and didn't allow them to speak.  HB 301 was passed along party lines. Cass County Rep. Mike Haffner, Rep. Michael Davis, and Representative Sheri Gallick all voted to strip local control from St. Louis and voted against banning minors from openly carrying firearms on public land without adult supervision! This bill now moves to the Missouri Senate. 


New Year - New Plans

We've got to take on a little housekeeping in our first meeting of 2023. In addition we'll be planning our event calendar, recruiting new committee members, and discussing our fundraising ideas. We WANT your input!

Join us at 6:00pm to catch up, and have some of the great food at El Dorado Mexican Restaurant. Meeting will start promptly at 7:00pm.

Let's have a fun and productive 2023!

Run for School Board

As the Missouri Legislature once again takes aim at defunding our public schools (they call it school choice, that's a lie!) we need board members who will fight for public schools, our teachers, and our kids!
School board elections are non-partisan (you won't have a D or an R next to your name). We are offering any assistance we can give to candidates who will not fall for the latest GOP led culture war (like CRT & Book Bans), fight for teacher pay raises (MO is currently 50th in the nation in starting teacher pay), and keep our schools funded and open 5 days a week. Are you willing to step up for our kids?
Filing runs from December 6th - December 27th. You will file at your local school superintendents office. There are 3 openings on the school board this election cycle in Belton, Harrisonville, RayPec, Pleasant Hill, Archie, Drexel, Cass Midway, and Sherwood.
Message us with any questions to: [email protected] 



How can I be sure I'm registered to vote?



What's New?

If you forget your ID you can vote! Just bring your ID back to your polling location before it closes.

If your ID has expired AFTER November 3, 2020 it is considered a VALID PHOTO ID.

Where do I vote in Cass County?



November 8th - Cass County Polls are open from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm


I'm at my polling location, they won't let me vote?



(816) 425-4613


Twitter @CassCoDems

Facebook @casscomodems

If you can't get through to us

Cass County Clerk -  (816) 380-8102

Call/text the Missouri Voter Hotline at (314) 652-3929


Last Day to Early Vote - Monday, November 7th

Join Us Saturday!

Come out and join us for our Get Ready to Vote Rally on Saturday, November 5th, at 4:00 pm. Vote for your favorite chili/soup, hear from our fantastic candidates and buy those last-minute raffle tickets for our Meat Bundle Raffle prior to the drawing. (Purchase your ticket here!). 

If you'd like to enter your soup/chili, just be here at 3:30 pm so we can get you set up.


Community Canvass October 29th

It's time to Get Out the Vote for our Cass County candidates.

Join us at our headquarters at 8446 Clint Drive in Belton this Saturday, October 29th. We'll be dropping literature and knocking doors to reach our voters in Cass County.

We need your help, this election is too important to sit out!

October Meeting - Get Out the Vote

Join us this Thursday night, at El Dorado Mexican Restaurant to learn how you can help us GET OUT THE VOTE!
Order off the menu at 6:00pm, the meeting starts at 7:00pm.
We will be discussing the new voting laws, and how you can help us in these last few days to make sure we get out the vote here in Cass County.
We need each and every one of you to help out now, in any way that you are able.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE PHONE CALLS - These calls can be made from headquarters or from your home after a short training session.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO WRITE POSTCARDS - We have postcards that we'd like to send out to remind voters about the new voting requirements.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO CANVASS - EVERY Saturday and several nights during the week, we are knocking on doors and talking to voters. This is by far the best way to contact voters. We are having some great conversations on the doors this year. People are ready for change, but we need to talk to them and ask them for their votes!
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE BELTON VETERANS DAY PARADE - We invite all our veterans to ride the float and others to help pass out literature, candy, and flags.
If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please go to https://www.casscountydemocrats.com/volunteer OR email us at [email protected]

Stop by the Headquarters!

Cass County Democratic Headquarters at 8446 Clint Drive in Belton is open every Monday and Wednesday from 10am - 1pm. We're open on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.  Volunteers are there several evenings during the week making phone calls, but you should call us first as we might be out knocking doors too. You can reach us at (816) 425-4613 to make sure we're in the office. 

We've got signs, buttons and t-shirts.

Would you like to knock some doors or make some phone calls with us? Stop in and sign up! 


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Trudy Busch Valentine in Raymore

We are so excited to welcome our candidate for Senate, Trudy Busch Valentine, here in Cass County! Mark your calendars now for October 14th, 5:00pm at Eldorado Mexican Restaurant, 404 W Pine St., in Raymore. 

Sign up at this link:  Meet Trudy Busch Valentine in Raymore