Cass County Ballot Forum

Join us Thursday, March 23rd, for a ballot forum.  Municipal elections are non-partisan and the Cass County Democratic Party does not endorse any of the candidates running in these elections.  We simply want to provide an opportunity for candidates to tell us why we should vote for them and also discuss what the ballot measures mean for us as residents.  Voting is always important and voting in Municipal Elections have a direct impact on our everyday lives.  Come and get informed so you can be an educated voter when you head to the polls on April 4th.  


2017 Cass County Municipal Elections

All politics is local, and the decisions made at the local level have a profound impact on your lives and the future of our communities. Are you registered to vote?  You have until March 8th to register.   Please VOTE in the April 4th Municipal Elections.  


2017 Municipal Election Ballot

February 2017 Meeting

We sure hope you can join us at our location in Peculiar.  Bring the kids, we'll have someone who can watch them play or help with homework.  Meal at 6:30, Meeting at 7:00 pm.  We've got a lot going on and will have updates on local races and action activities. If you want to #resist, join us!  


Important Contact Information 17-18

Please feel free to share this list of contact information.  Remember our elected officials are to serve ALL the citizens not just the ones who voted for them.  Call them, let them know what you think.   

Write a letter to one of our local papers, let your voice be heard.  Also, support our local newspapers.  Since the Republicans are now in complete control of our county government, the local press is going to be one of the only windows that we have into what is going on at the county level.  

(Cass County Important Contact Information)



January Meeting


2016 Holiday Party


Join us for some Holiday Cheer (Details & RSVP)

Election Day 2016

We want to make sure that everyone in Cass County is able to vote on November 8th.  If you need or ride, or are having problems casting your ballot, please give us a call.  Polls are open 6:00am until 7:00pm.


Unsure of where to vote?  (Click Here)

Election Night Watch Party


Chris Koster kicks-off his GOTV Tour in Cass County


Join us this Friday, November 4th, at our Harrisonville Democratic Headquarters to welcome back to Cass County our next Governor, Chris Koster.  Chris is kicking-off his GOTV tour at 9:00am.  Hope you will all join us!  

Last Meeting Before the Election

This is it!  The final meeting before the election.  GOTV information for all our candidates.  Polling location instructions, poll watching, information on the Amendments, volunteers for election day, we need your help.   This final push will mean a WIN in our close races, please plan to attend.